A part of our company builds a bureau of architects, specializing in housing, industrial building and holiday facilities. We have a Polish and Austrian Architecture license.

Our services are not limited to the office help but include support in contacts with the authorities, preparation of general and detailed plans, direct supervision and other general contractor services. Our task is also to help with the co-ordination of the fulfilment of the project and taking advantage of the infrastructure.

We specialize also in interior design, especially for apartments. Among those services we offer: advice on kitchen and bathroom installations, support in choosing furniture, lighting architecture (including halogen lights technology), colors advice and many more.

We are also experienced in equipping and redesigning offices.

Our advantage is to advise on the purchase of real estates, profitability research, total cost calculations and many others.

In case of interesting estates we are interested in participation offering our services.


More information: tel. (+48 22) 8641829 or e-mail casa@casa.com.pl